Look at Rembrandt and his English followers-oversized wall decor

Oversized wall decor-Rembrandt’s work has been popular with British collectors and art lovers since about 1630,Large Black and White Art and the craze reached fever point in the late 18th century. Currently in Edinburgh, Scotland’s national gallery exhibition “Rembrandt: in Britain found that master” reveals the span 400 years, Large Abstract Art Sale until today, […]

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How to make the picture matte?- oversized wall decor

oversized wall decor-Glossiness is similar to the oil painting surface of glass easily produce glance,Large Canvas Art Cheap  often bring a lot of inconvenience to the person that watch, inferior smooth pigment and inferior smooth oil are to solve this one problem and invent. But in inferior smooth pigment contains a lot of essence oil,Large […]

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Modern minimalism

Use associated with room/oversized wall  decor The so-called utilization of space, not the 1st lecture. The area of each house is worth for use reasonably rise, the design that just decorates concept and design, modern-day design itself is give priority to with simple plus relaxed.   On the modelling that has a design very much […]

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Create A Small Apartment With Oversized Wall Decor

A young Australian couple bought a small residential apartment of less than 50m2 in a small town in Melbourne.But fortunately,the environment is good,the sunshine is abundant and the scenery outside the window is also very beautiful. The couple wants a small space to retain a certain space,so that it is not too crowded.When designing,the designer […]

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