Series of decorative paintings for Home

Nowadays, white and single walls can no longer meet the decoration requirements of modern people for home space. The abstract oil painting adds different small colors to the walls. They can give space spirituality, wisdom and thought. Nordic style is one of the most popular styles among young people nowadays. One of its characteristics is […]

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The material beauty of canvas painting

Abstract canvas painting is a special artistic language that can not be replaced by other artistic forms. The special character and pure meaning make it an indelible contribution to the development of human visual art. The unique charm of acrylic painting is first reflected in its material. It rushes out of the limitations of materials […]

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Abstract paintings for hotels

Most people would think that hotels hang Abstract Oil Paintings just to decorate rooms and halls, but the purpose of art services is more than just fixtures. People don’t normally choose where to stay by the art that hangs on the walls but the modern Abstract Canvas Art certainly helps to make their stay memorable. […]

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How to use abstract painting to create an impression of space

There are many kinds of decorative paintings. How to choose the painting according to the decoration style of the space? European, Chinese, Mediterranean, Nordic or American style, etc. Each decorative style corresponds to a kind of life feelings and personality tastes. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas for many years, in order […]

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Large Modern Abstract Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art

Visiting the large abstract canvas painting gallery

Visiting the large abstract canvas painting gallery. On the 10th March, a painting exhibition was held in a certain area of downtown on a clear sky. The exhibition was very special, all of which were oil paintings. And, regardless of age, whether a child or an old man, you can visit all the canvas paintings […]

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A quick Introduction to Overrealistic Olive oil Piece of art

To say whether or not hyperrealism is meaningful or not, we first realize how it came in to being. For more than 500 years since the Renaissance, European painters have been seeking to portray the world because truly as possible through scientific analysis. In this period, perspective, anatomy, colour and so forth started to show […]

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Abstract Oil Painting Art on the Background Wall of the Living Room

Decorative picture books hanging on the white wall attract people’s attention. If the color and pattern of the Great Big Canvas Art are exaggerated a little more, then the effect will certainly be more brilliant. American leather sofa with light yellow fishing landing lamp, warm corners are instantly created, and then the Impressionist decorative Custom […]

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Simple Oil Painting

Oil painting is one of the most aristocratic decorative Abstract Painting Online Custom. It belongs to pure hand-made, and can be copied or created according to the needs of consumers. It has a unique style. Nowadays, the popular themes of Big Abstract Canvas Art on the market are landscape, characters and still life. Oil painting […]

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Look at Rembrandt and his English followers-oversized wall decor

Oversized wall decor-Rembrandt’s work has been popular with British collectors and art lovers since about 1630,Large Black and White Art and the craze reached fever point in the late 18th century. Currently in Edinburgh, Scotland’s national gallery exhibition “Rembrandt: in Britain found that master” reveals the span 400 years, Large Abstract Art Sale until today, […]

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How to make the picture matte?- oversized wall decor

oversized wall decor-Glossiness is similar to the oil painting surface of glass easily produce glance,Large Canvas Art Cheap  often bring a lot of inconvenience to the person that watch, inferior smooth pigment and inferior smooth oil are to solve this one problem and invent. But in inferior smooth pigment contains a lot of essence oil,Large […]

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