Collecting Abstract Painting

Photography is a different kind of art and it has the power to move us to any place and time. Art collectors have started investing in limited edition painting and many photographers have become worldwide known artists.

Collecting art does not always have to mean that you need to invest a lot of money. If you are passionate about beauty and visual arts are what interest you the most, you can become a collector with a small budget too. Unlike valuable abstract canvas painting, which is more likely to be expensive and not so easy to find, limited edition painting can make a great subject of your collection. It is true that you cannot start an art collection with no money at all, but it does not have to mean that you need to make sacrifices to do something that you like.

For a very long time, the status of photography as an art has been contested. People considered that the photographer should not take any credit for his pictures and it was believed that the camera did nothing else than reproducing what already exists in nature. Unlike painters, it was believed that photographers did not have to use their imagination to create something and that was the value of any art. However, talented photographers have managed to prove the world that their work did not only involve capturing a subject but also finding the perfect light, the most advantageous shading, and the most interesting perspective. A photographer has the power to point out the world through their own eyes.

Nowadays, collecting limited edition painting is not a new thing. People have finally understood the value of a beautiful photo and their collections are just as valuable as any other art collection. To start collecting acrylic painting, you can look at photos in art galleries, museums, painting workshops and so on. You also have the possibility to look for art fairs or even visit online art galleries, where artists from all over the world display their artworks. It is easy to start discovering the artist and see what you like. You might be interested in abstract painting canvas, for example. Or, you might prefer portraits. The most important thing is to keep focused on building a unique collection.

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If you are interested in discovering new artists, you will be impressed by the beautiful painting created by Mikael Sundberg, a photographer based in Örebro, Sweden. Born deaf, he has developed a special inclination towards the visual arts. His understanding of the world as we see it has a different intensity and you can see that through his painting. Mikael is passionate about nature and, especially the sea is fascinating to him. His abstract painting manages to capture more than a landscape and you can almost feel his understanding of the world.

If you are collecting limited edition painting you can take a look at the artworks of Mikael Sundberg. You have the possibility to order an abstract painting or any other kind of painting from and they will be shipped worldwide.

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