The material beauty of canvas painting

Abstract canvas painting is a special artistic language that can not be replaced by other artistic forms. The special character and pure meaning make it an indelible contribution to the development of human visual art. The unique charm of acrylic painting is first reflected in its material. It rushes out of the limitations of materials such as wet murals, Tempera, and egg-lay paintings. With the aid of the color media, it produces rich shades and subtle colors through multi-layer overlap and overcoating of superior materials. Change to achieve the purpose of reproducing nature. The material beauty of canvas painting is mainly reflected in the two aspects of color layer and texture.

(1) The beauty of the color layer

The beauty of the color layer refers to the comprehensive level of beauty produced by the interaction between the transparent and opaque characteristics of the abstract art painting with multiple paintings. It is the inherent order and criterion of the oil color layer. Unlike photographic works, which record natural gradation changes by light and dark and color granules, they rely on rich color gradations and transparent repeated smears to produce a wide range of layer effects and visual aesthetics. It is the result of a technique. Through the rich color layer changes, the object’s texture, and volume are magically presented. At the same time, it is full of beautiful rhythms in the reproduction of objects and techniques.

The early abstract canvas art relied on the underlying monochrome to express the structure and the light and dark layers, and the surface layer revealed the inherent color tendency of the objects in transparent colors. Later, the development of abstract oil painting was combined with an orderly shaping and an orderly transparent blister to produce a transparent and harmonious aesthetic effect on the color layer, so that the material beauty of the oil painting exerted a permanent charm.

(2) the beauty of texture

The beauty of the skin refers to the beauty of the three-dimensional texture that is highlighted by the special material of the acrylic painting, which is expressed by the thick accumulation of the pigment produced during the pen movement. What kind of texture is there? Therefore, the texture is unavoidable in large abstract paintings.

Texture has different performances in different stages of oil painting development. The classical period is a kind of texture without fluctuation. The difference in the thickness of brush strokes is very small. The beauty of texture is reflected in a subtle and implicit change. With the change of acrylic painting techniques, texture beauty began to become the self-consciousness of life in painting. The free and unrestrained brush strokes and the vigorous and dignified color fluctuation form a kind of powerful force. The textured beauty has gradually become the most appropriate visual form for people to express their inner feelings.

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