Abstract Oil Painting Art on the Background Wall of the Living Room

Decorative picture books hanging on the white wall attract people’s attention. If the color and pattern of the Great Big Canvas Art are exaggerated a little more, then the effect will certainly be more brilliant. American leather sofa with light yellow fishing landing lamp, warm corners are instantly created, and then the Impressionist decorative Custom Abstract Paintings on the wall are adjusted by many colors.

Extra Large Black and White Abstract Canvas Art for Living Room

Living room background wall decoration
Comment:Japanese style living room design, sofa background wall pure white background, its Khaki frame with black pattern decorative Extra Large Contemporary Art to the simple white wall brings a good sense of color hierarchy, after the collocation of the wall white effect is better.

Living room background wall decoration
Comment:The living room itself is elegant and comfortable, so decorative Large Abstract Paintings do not need to use many complicated patterns and colors, as long as the overall tone is consistent with a good decoration, red and yellow with green, coupled with lovely patterns, the whole wall is decorated very lively.

From the current global trend of decoration, people generally pay more and more attention to soft decoration, that is, the late decoration of the room, especially curtains, wall paintings and decorative paintings, as well as some necessary ornaments. The decorative paintings on the walls and oil paintings are like makeup painted on women’s faces. That’s the facade. Buying these things is trivial and troublesome. Sometimes you have no patience and rush to move a bunch of paintings from a gallery. The price is high and the quality is not good. Looking at the soil on the paintings, you can see how many years they have been shelved there. In addition, I find that the paintings in every gallery are amazingly similar. You copy me and I copy you. There is no novelty and no personality. Not to mention that it reflects the character and taste of the owner, so I suggest that you search well on the Internet, thousands of choices, and you can stay at home. Customized oil paintings have been very popular abroad for a long time, and our domestic labor costs are low. Why not sit down and choose well, and then customize oil paintings? Our family finally managed all the wall art decorations on a website called Pengteng Oil Painting. They are all custom-made. They are not only of good quality, but also brand-new. The price is much cheaper than that in offline stores. I think this is mainly because they don’t have such high rent.

Another important aspect is lamps. Without a good lamp, there would not be a bright home. Without a bright home, how could it be warm? In selecting lamps and lanterns, my experience is: appearance and quality are equally important, if the quality is not good, it takes a long time, the color is not good; if the appearance is not good, it is also very troublesome to return, so in this link, we must be cautious and cautious.

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