Look at Rembrandt and his English followers-oversized wall decor

Oversized wall decor-Rembrandt’s work has been popular with British collectors and art lovers since about 1630,Large Black and White Art and the craze reached fever point in the late 18th
Currently in Edinburgh, Scotland’s national gallery exhibition “Rembrandt: in Britain found that master” reveals the span 400 years, Large Abstract Art Sale until today, Rembrandt’s
masterpiece, especially the portrait and landscape is how to affect the taste of British art lovers and collectors, and shows how the British artist at the time of writing inspired by the Dutch masters.Rembrandt’s works in the exhibition include important paintings from the British collection, “Belshazzar’s Feast” from the national gallery of art in London,Big Modern Canvas
Art “Girl at the Window” from the davezzi gallery, as well as masterpieces from overseas stars, “the Mill” from the gallery of art in Washington, d.c.HANDMADE LARGE ABSTRACT CANVAS ART

Native British artists include works by William hogarth, Joshua Reynolds, Henry rayburn, frank auerbach and Glenn brown.

In the opinion of art critic Jonathan Jones, juxtaposition of the exhibition has certain defects. Although it shows the talent of Dutch masters, its classical paintings are still contemporary, but it also shows the lack of successors of
British followers.
Jonathan’s comments on the exhibition are hereby compiled by thepaper.cn.
If I were an artist invited to exhibit with Rembrandt, what would I say?
I hope I am humble and wise enough to refuse this exhibition.
I do like glen brown’s paintings, and I’m sure he thinks so too.

Glenn brown, the artist who pieced everything together from science fiction to a gorgeous, glossy canvas, and you guessed it, Rembrandt.
He was also featured in a film introducing works on display at the national gallery of Scotland.
The film tells how British collectors, critics and artists have viewed and been influenced by the Dutch artist Rembrandt over the past four centuries.

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