How to make the picture matte?- oversized wall decor

oversized wall decor-Glossiness is similar to the oil painting surface of glass easily produce glance,Large Canvas Art Cheap  often bring a lot of inconvenience to the person that watch, inferior smooth pigment
and inferior smooth oil are to solve this one problem and invent.
But in inferior smooth pigment contains a lot of essence oil,Large Canvas Art Sale  and the content of combinant fat oil decreases accordingly, because this pigment is more brittle, adhesion
strength is weak, durability also decreases subsequently.

To maintain the durability of the work, artists often finish the oil painting on the surface of a matte oil, to achieve a matte effect.
Matte oil used to be mostly boiled industrial oil resin,Large Wall Art  but it is not very transparent.
Wax is now used to reduce the gloss of the polish.

Usually two parts wax (white beeswax is best) plus five parts damar polish oil and one part turpentine oil.
The degree of matte is determined by the proportion of wax used.
When individual make up, need to change a formula with experiment method, in order to obtain optimal effect.

When painting with turpentine or refined gasoline color can also produce a very beautiful matte effect.

Compared with the smooth and lustrous picture, the lustrous picture appears rough, tone is darker, and has no “wet” feeling.
Therefore, most oil painters do not use the pure matt effect, but pursue the half-matte effect.
And mostly used in lively, decorative strong oil paintings.
Traditional oil paintings still use polish.Modern painters use propylene to paint dull or semi-gloss works, with the use of tinted oil paints being replaced.

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