Wallpaper Can Customize a Child’s Room

We frequently associate wallpaper with formal areas of the home, like the dining room or front entry. But these days, fabulous designs, colors and textures are now being used to enhance any room in a home — and kids’ rooms are a personal favorite of mine.

If your child isn’t set on just one color or shape, do not be afraid to blend it up! Various styles and color schemes can be combined in interesting ways. In this room, for example , thick stripes coated on the ceiling in turquoise, yellow and white contrast with a smaller-scale half-moon wallpaper pattern in black and white. The daring partnering results in a playful, varied look.

Not only can wallpaper be playful, quite or cool, it can also be used to personalize your children’s bedrooms and to participate their creativity. Read on for five methods for you to use wallpaper to make kids’ rooms feel more truly their own.
Pro tip: If a dramatic design feels too overwhelming for the walls, you may use a more subtle design to highlight your child’s coveted crazes. Black-and-white documents can make colors really pop on a wall structure and create more theatre and interest in a room. Here, a black-and-white paper serves as a sophisticated backdrop for the daring, colorful skateboards. As a bonus, these wallpapers can grow with your child’s evolving taste for years, which makes it a more budget-friendly option.

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