Create A Small Apartment With Oversized Wall Decor

A young Australian couple bought a small residential apartment of less than 50m2 in a small town in Melbourne.But fortunately,the environment is good,the sunshine is abundant and the scenery outside the window is also very beautiful.

The couple wants a small space to retain a certain space,so that it is not too crowded.When designing,the designer took this into consideration and decided to use Oversized Wall Decor to create a simple and natural bedroom.


In the small residence,what take up the space most is bed and long table.When choosing a piece of furniture,the designer chose a multi-functional system storage cabinet with a storage function.It is easy to build a small house into a home space that integrates the bedroom and the living room.


When the bed and the long table are not in use,they can be cleverly hidden in the storage cabinet and the bedroom changes into the living room for one second.The bed is close to the storage cabinet and becomes a comfortable double sofa.When the long table is pushed up,it becomes the door of the storage cabinet.


The mirror and cheap large art are indispensable item in the home life.The small apartment itself has limited space for the home,and the mirror has no place to be placed.The designer cleverly puts the mirror on the sides of the storage cabinet,so that it does not take up space and allows Visually,it has the effect of expanding the space.


The design of the curtains is different from the conventional curtain design.The curtains are panoramic curtains and the stretchable range is very large.


When the curtains are pulled up,they are converted from the living room state to the bedroom at once.In the design of the lighting,there is also a unique style.The storage cabinet is surrounded by the lamp tube.When the light is turned on,the warm and fresh atmosphere is created immediately.

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